Spray Test 001 - Tee


Introducing the first official offering from “OffTod” - the SPRAYTEST 001 Tee! OffTod is a creative project between OffTop and Tod the Bunny. This first release encompasses the energy of the artists and utilizes their individual crafts in a collaborative way.
The tees were placed on the walls of Mini Mart and spray painted by Tod. Then, Armando designed our co-branded logo to look like an embroidered design by utilizing a new medium: silk screen printing. A limited series of 50, each tee was a labor of love made by hand to be as unique as the wearer! Actual tee will vary from photo.
While designing our first tee it only seemed right to use the opportunity to shout out a few of our family, friends and supporters from the past few years. Each one of these “sponsors” gave us support in many different ways and we are forever grateful for them!
We are honored to be able to showcase their brands and grow together! Consider using the tee as a guide to some local shops, brands, artists and restaurants you maybe haven’t heard of! Check em out and tell em Armando and Tod sent ya! 😉
Limited edition of 50
Spray Painted & Printed in San Francisco, CA

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